Bamboo Houses, Why Bamboo?

Bamboo Is Better

Not only is bamboo the best eco-friendly alternative to building with timber from a green perspective, it actually performs better in University tests that measure things like tensile and compression strength. And in real world events like hurricanes and earthquakes, well-constructed bamboo homes stood strong while conventionally built structures didn’t.

Here’s a few reasons why building with bamboo is just plain better.


As strong as mild steel with the compression strength of concrete. Amazingly, one inch of bamboo can hold up to 7 1/2 tons of weight.


In 1992, 95% of all homes were built with softwoods like Douglas fir. University studies show softwoods can’t match bamboo’s compression and tensile strength.


Tests show that termites refuse to eat even untreated bamboo.


Termites continue to cause significant damage to wood homes, requiring continued treatment with chemicals.


Bamboo Living Homes surpass the toughest hurricane codes in the USA, and in 1995 withstood three back to back hurricanes with 173mph winds.


Recent tests show that conventionally built wood homes can’t stand up to even 100mph winds.


Bamboo bends instead of breaks. In April 1991, twenty bamboo houses built for the National Bamboo Foundation in Costa Rica suffered no structural damage from a 7.5 Richter scale earthquake, despite being directly over the epicenter.


The same earthquake leveled scores of conventionally built homes, hotels and resorts.

Bamboo/Indoor Air Quality

Bamboo homes exceed California Air Resources Board standards. And all the materials can be minimally treated with natural borates to better resist mold and mildew.

Wood/Indoor Air Quality

New construction homes increasingly use “manufactured” woods like particle board bonded with adhesives and polymer materials.

Strong & Safe

Bamboo Living Homes are made with a special “Timber” bamboo species. The poles used in the houses are 3 ½ inches in diameter and the wall of the bamboo pole is ¾ inch in thickness. The exceptionally strong and flexible bamboo poles are able to withstand the extreme forces imposed on a house during hurricanes and earthquakes. It has twice the compression strength of concrete and roughly the same strength-to-weight ratio of mild steel.

Understanding the full benefits of using bamboo requires an open mind, imagination and a bit of re-education. We’re sometimes asked, “Is a bamboo house strong enough to hold up a heavy roof as well as solar and hot water panels?” Our answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY.

Bends But Doesn’t Break.

Bamboo Living Homes are not only designed to exceed international seismic and hurricane code requirements, they also surpass the toughest hurricane codes in the USA – Florida’s Miami Dade County to be exact. And in 1995 beautiful bamboo homes were put to the test in the islands of Rarotonga when three category 5 hurricanes hit in February, causing extensive damage or completely demolishing most of the timber structures.

But even 173 mph winds couldn’t blow a Bamboo bungalow down. Suffering only cosmetic damage (some of the grass thatching needed to be replaced), the owners were ecstatic that they’d built with bamboo.

Imagine living in a naturally beautiful, organic home.

A home is more than a building. It is a hearth, the place that reflects your beliefs and values, a welcoming center for your family and friends. And with an artisan crafted Bamboo Living Home, it is a sanctuary for rest, rejuvenation and expression.

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